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River Fishing in Scottsburg, Oregon

Fisherman, Mobile Home Park in Scottsburg, OR

UMPQUA RIVER HAVEN in Scottsburg, Oregon, offers world-class river fishing with easy access to a wide variety of fish throughout the year. 

Scottsburg Park, located a short distance downstream from Umpqua River Haven on the Umpqua River, offers boat launching and picnicking. This provides unbelievable opportunities to fish for salmon, sturgeon, steelhead, shad, smallmouth bass, and striped bass.

Exhilarating Salmon Fishing
In the fall and spring, Chinook and Coho fishing is available, while the summer season is a perfect time for salmon fishing in the Umpqua River. Chinook salmon are a bluish green color on the back and top of their heads, with silver sides and white bellies.

Measuring up to 58 inches in length and weighing up to 129 pounds, these beautiful fish also have black spots on the upper half of their bodies, with gray and black mouth coloring. The average measurements of Chinook salmon are 36 inches long and 30 pounds in weight. The spring Chinook season begins in March and lasts through May.

Remarkable Bass & Sturgeon Fishing
Smallmouth bass are a greenish to brown color on their sides with dark, vertical bars that come and go, with 3 dark bars radiating from their eyes.
These bass have been called "the sportiest fish" due to their amazing fighting abilities. Ranging from 12 to 22 inches and 1 to 6 pounds, they possess a chameleon-like ability to change colors.

Sturgeon fishing starts in January and runs through June, from just above Winchester Bay, Oregon, to around Mill Creek on Highway 38. The winter Steelhead season starts in late October and runs through February.

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